Secondary Levels

Goals for secondary Levels 7 – 12

  • Improve the oral, aural and reading proficiencies acquired at the elementary levels.
  • Refine these skills to produce effective communication through written and spoken word.
  • Prepare for national exams
  • Foster community and communication among levels 7 through 9.

Level 7/8

This is a two-year program that continues the development of language skills of the Level 6 course. The primary focus is to build upon previously acquired competencies giving students a greater comfort level in spontaneously expressing themselves both orally and in writing. Students review the nominative, accusative and dative cases, present perfect and future tenses, adjective endings and pronouns. Students are introduced to the simple past tense. Consistent accuracy in both verbal and written form is reinforced. Cultural topics include: German geographical regions, the Bundesländer and their capitals, the German school system, and an introduction to political parties. Students in Level 7 participate in the National German Exam, Level II.

In the level 8 course, students continue to develop vocabulary, as well as oral and written comprehension. Students move from simple, highly directed conversation and composition to more complex forms. Students are introduced to the genitive case, relative pronouns, subjunctive 2, and the passive voice. Cultural topics include post-World War II Germany and the European Union, as well as a more in-depth presentation of political parties and government. Students take part in the National German Exam and the Internationale schulische Vergleichsarbeit Level A2.

Level 9/10

A two-year program, whose emphasis is to further develop language competency, refine pronunciation, increase vocabulary and deepen understanding of grammatical structures. The focus consists of extensive vocabulary building, as well as intensive oral/aural practice and grammatical analysis to facilitate accuracy in speaking and writing. Students participate in classroom discussions to formalize their use of idiomatic expressions and grammar structures while refining their personal communication style. Literary readings are presented and could include short stories, drama and poetry. Students take part in the National German Exam, Level III. Students in the second year of this program may take the DSD level 1.

Level 11/12

This is a two-year, college-level course for which many American colleges and universities grant college credit. The goal of this two-year course is to prepare students for the College Board’s Advanced Placement Exam as well as the Deutsches Sprachdiplom, Level 2. (Students should consult prospective colleges regarding credit for Advanced Placement.) In this course, the student continues to develop and refine the various language competencies while acquiring knowledge of the AP themes: Global Challenges, Science and Technology, Beauty and Aesthetics, Personal and Private Identities, Family and Communities, and Contemporary Life as well as the current Themenschwerpunkte for the DSD II. Along with knowledge of literature, the student develops a greater understanding of the foreign language, culture and people. Students participate in the National German Exam. In the second year of this two-year program, students may take the DSD 2 and the AP Exam.