Studies have shown that students who continue study of a foreign language (or foreign languages) beyond a bare minimum of two or three years generally score higher on the verbal portion of the SAT and on tests of English composition. Most importantly, those students who continue foreign language study will be better prepared to live and work in the global community of the 21st century.
Source “Program of Studies 2000-2001” published by Lower Moreland High School, a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

Among the objectives of the Immanuel German School is to develop German language proficiency in our students, to introduce them to the culture of German-speaking countries and to expose our students to the rich historical fabric of German Americans in the greater Philadelphia area.

Course descriptions for all Immanuel German School Levels

Student Diversity
Our students vary widely in age and come with varying language backgrounds, abilities and motivations. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate these differences, and we take great care to assign students to the classes that will give them the best opportunities for learning. The age span in children’s classes seldom exceeds two years, but different groups of children in the same class sometimes progress at different rates.
Class Size
The average teacher-student ratio is 1:10. When a class is considerably larger, or when multilevel instruction is required, the teacher will be assisted by a teacher’s aide.
Homework is obligatory. Weekly assignments should take between one-half hour to one hour, depending on the grade level. Students are advised to spread this time out over the week. Parents, please support your children in doing their homework. As the classes meet only once a week, homework is very important in skill development and as an assessment tool.
Report Cards
Mid-year progress reports and year-end report cards are issued for the children. Certificates of attendance are presented to the adult students at the end of the school year.
Computer Lab
Children practice their language skills by working on selected programs in the supervised computer room.